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Honing Applications Area Enhances Customer Experience at Delapena

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Delapena Honing New Application AreaDelapena Honing Equipment has recently completed the development of its new applications and demonstration area within its Cheltenham manufacturing site. The new facility will be a major advantage for customers who can now see Honing Machines in action and, where required, use the area for the prove-out applications prior to the delivery of their machine.

Having recently made a major investment in its in-house manufacturing capacity, Cheltenham-based Delapena Honing Equipment is now enhancing the experience that its customers have when visiting the site with the creation of a dedicated demonstration/applications area. The facility will have the dual role of highlighting the capabilities of Delapena’s range of Honing Machines, while at the same time providing the capacity to carry out customer trials and prove- outs when required.

“Delapena has undertaken many changes in recent years and our investment in manufacturing capacity, and the facility in general remains an on-going project,” says Phil Williams, Delapena’s Head of Business Development. “This new demonstration area will further enhance our ability to convey the potential of modern honing technology from Delapena to a wider range of customers. In addition, it will play an important role by providing the capability to prove our processes to customers and, where an application calls for it, demonstrate that Delapena technology and innovation can provide the ideal solution.”

The demonstration area is equipped at all times with a range of Delapena Honing Machines ranging from the traditional Speedhone and Powerhone machines, through to the latest E-series machines that feature intuitive control systems that replicate the human interaction in the honing process. This new technology is simplifying the honing process and reducing the reliance on operator knowledge, bringing honing to whole new market for Delapena.


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