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Record Car Sales Boost Honing Tool Demand

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Honing Tool DemandThe positive figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showing cars sales in 2012 at record levels have also provided a boost to the manufacture and re-manufacture of honing tools at Cheltenham based Delapena Honing Equipment.

In what is seen as generally encouraging news for UK vehicle manufacturers 2012 saw all-time records for vehicle exports with over 1.2 million vehicles leaving the UK and total output reaching the highest level since 2008 at 1.58 million units. With popular UK-built vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus leading domestic sales this has had a positive effect on the tool manufacturing and refurbishment side of Delapena’s business.

“The refurbishment of honing tools and heads for the automotive sector has increased significantly since the start of 2012,”  says Phil Williams, Delapena’s Head of Business Development. With car output projected to continue rising through 2013 we are confident that we can maintain the growth in our own business as well.”

Delapena is in a strong position when it comes to the manufacture and refurbishment of honing tools as it is capable of manufacturing to a wide range of OEM specifications, allowing it to provide a service for honing systems other than Delapena’s. From its manufacturing facility in Cheltenham it is also well placed to provide a rapid turnaround for refurbished honing tools, specifying, supplying and fitting “stones” and can also provide a “deliver-to-line” facility if required, ensuring a seamless service to keep production running for its customers.

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