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Delapena Honing Reports Double Success at MACH 2014

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Delapena MACH 2014Specialist honing equipment manufacturer Delapena, has reported that its multiple launches at MACH2014 were highly successful and should lead to significant future business:  According to Delapena, the company had double the number of inquiries compared to the previous show, with over 50 per cent entirely new contacts.  This it asserts is due to the impact of its quadruple launches, including two new honing machines, a new specialist oils business and an abrasives division.

Explaining the attraction for visitors to the two Delapena stands, managing director, Martin Elliott enthused, “We had hot interest in the new EAS SpeedHone, thanks to its ease of use, simplicity and speed to train operatives, plus the security offered by its safety features.  It has wide ranging appeal and is ideal for one-off or batch production, so is well suited to tool rooms. This attracted many to the stand, as did the CalibreHone (E2000S-XL).  Whilst not launched at the show, this specialized machine is part of Delapena’s new suite of six electronically-controlled machines.   It was developed specifically for the gun industry and is unique in offering extended length honing of straight or tapered bores. We were delighted that the first buyer of this machine visited us at the show to say that in production CalibreHone is achieving tolerances of three to five microns over a meter-long gun barrel.”

PrecisionHone (E3000S) was reportedly another attraction at Delapena, a vertical honing machine designed for low to high volume manufacture of parts ranging from small scale to heavy components.  It holds tolerances down to a micron, with sub-micron adjustment and has a honing capacity from 1.14mm to 80mm diameter (subject to application).

Delapena not only attracted potential buyers at MACH2014, but also had inquiries to represent the company from interested parties in Russia, Mexico, Middle East and Germany.  This, says Martin Elliott, fits well with Delapena’s plans for rapid international expansion and may allow the company to develop further its network of distributors and agents around the world.

Explaining the expansion of the Delapena Group and stronger presence at MACH2014, group chairman, David Arthur, said, “We want to offer a complete bore honing and grinding solution and bring together all the elements required for precision finishing.  By expanding the range of abrasives and oils that we now offer, we provide much greater choice and, as with our honing machines, we deliver the best possible value.”

The last word goes to Martin Elliott who stated, “MACH2014 exceeded all our expectations and means that we will be incredibly busy for the remainder of this year.  We hope that anyone who missed seeing all our innovations at the show will visit our new website to find out more.”

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