Delapena’s Focus on Honing Application Performance Delivers 85% Improvement

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PowerHone Honing MachineIn recent years Ceramics, Chrome and Carbide have provided a challenge for the Honing process due to the increased surface hardness properties of the newer grade materials. To address these harder materials Delapena invested in a state of the art sintering manufacturing process to develop a new range of super abrasive bonds with great success.

Proof positive of this success came when a customer asked us to help trouble shoot their process for honing of hard chrome cylinder liners. The customer was using a Delapena Powerhone to resize the Chrome plating in a cylinder using a conventional Silicon Carbide abrasive. The downside to using conventional abrasives is that the abrasives wear quickly and the Honing machine needs constant adjustment to maintain size. The customers Honing process averaged 60 minutes depending on the depth of the Chrome layer. A New Chrome bond developed by Delapena was then introduced and reduced this Honing process to 10 minutes.

Another advantage that the customer gained was that traditionally the worn Chrome plating was stripped overnight in Chemical tanks. Using a rougher Chrome bond abrasive allowed the Cylinder to be Honed prior to the plating process in a little under 20 minutes negating the need to chemically strip the cylinder.

Process Abrasive Cycle time Advantages / Disadvantages
Honing  (Powerhone) Standard Silicon Carbide 60 minutes Higher production costs
Honing  (Powerhone) Chrome bond 10 minutes Environmental – No Chemical stripping required

Celebrating its 90th year managing director, Martin Elliott, is in no doubt about the company’s strength, “Our success is built entirely on the efforts of the team,” he said. “That begins with our talented workforce and extends to our strategic partners and 25 distributors and agents around the world. They should all be proud of what we have achieved together and excited about what is to come.”

Delapena Honing USA distributes honing tools, abrasives, machines and oil for our family owned manufacturing parent located in the UK. We have over 90 years of experience providing honing solutions to meet the specific requirements of customers all over the world in the aerospace, hydraulic, automotive, oil and gas and medical device industries.