Precision Ceramics Machining Solved

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In recent years the use of Advanced Ceramics in support of electrical, optical, and magnetic component applications in the aerospace, semiconductor and oil and gas industries has increased significantly. The increased surface hardness properties of the newer grade materials have resulted in a challenge for machining processes.

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Delapena Super Abrasives

The current process for machining materials like ceramics involves traditional internal grinding process. However, as engineers pushed the boundaries of the applications where Ceramics are used, tolerances achieved through these processes have begun to fall short of expectations.

To address harder materials like Ceramics Delapena invested heavily in a new abrasive sintering manufacturing process.  This new manufacturing process coupled with sophisticated chemistry facilitated the development a new range of Super Abrasive bonds.

Delapena’s new bonds, when coupled, with appropriate tooling and machining function produced a drastically improved outcome. Our new capabilities were challenged when we were asked  to Hone 2mm out of an electrical Ceramic component with a target time of no more than 60 minutes. Delapena’s application team created a new abrasive bond and delivered a completed  honing cycle in 55 minutes against an internal grinding process cycle time of 4 hours.

In addition, Delapena was able to deliver a turn key hands off machining process using our EAS Speedhone a precision controlled, semi-auto honing machine for one-off and batch production work.

Honing Case Study:

Process Abrasive Cycle time Advantages / Disadvantages
Internal Grinding 4 hours Operator required to redress wheel
Honing  (EAS Speedhone) Sintered abrasive bond 55 minutes Machine left unmanned

Delapena Honing USA distributes honing tools, abrasives, machines and oil for our family owned manufacturing parent located in the UK. We have over 90 years of experience providing honing solutions to meet the specific requirements of customers all over the world in the aerospace, hydraulic, automotive, oil and gas and medical device industries.