Machine Safely with Hands off Operation.

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Delapena delivers honing machines with a stable, safe process that requires little or no operator intervention!

Not so long ago honing engineers would hold up their hands to show missing fingers to demonstrate how they mastered their craft. In the modern, legislated world, that’s clearly unacceptable which makes the fact that most honing is still done ‘hands-on’ unbelievable!

Delapena has addressed this issue by introducing machines designed with fail-safe, interlocking guarding, to remove hands from the work area. This means that operators are no longer interacting with the spindle directly when in motion and the component is no longer guided by hand. The operation becomes totally hands free, initiated  at the push of a button, well behind the auto-stop doors.

When coupled with Delapena Super Abrasives and tooling with little wear characteristics the application can run many hundreds of components before size adjustments are required.  Resulting in a more autonomous process providing the customer a safe, repeatable, stable process.

Delapena has reengineered our line of machines to run with Super Abrasives and are now implementing smart Industry technology onto the Delapena machines. This will lead to a range of machines with Automation and decision-making capability enabling maximum productivity gains and even safer operation.

Delapena Honing USA distributes honing tools, abrasives, machines and oil for our family owned manufacturing parent located in the UK. We have over 90 years of experience providing honing solutions to meet the specific requirements of customers all over the world in the aerospace, hydraulic, automotive, oil and gas and medical device industries.