Automotive Honing Application Improvement

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Delapena’s hone head reconditioning and abrasive fine tuning process delivers improvement to the Automotive industry. Automotive manufacturers have had renewed vigor in their commitment to achieving the emissions levels required with the latest specification of engines. Honing is a key process in achieving these levels and Martin Elliott of Delapena explains how honing head reconditioning supports this endeavor Reconditioning of honing heads is a service that has seen continuous demand for many years. However, in more recent times, honing has moved into the spotlight and is now rightly recognized for its pivotal role in supporting automotive manufacturers to build engines …

Machine Safely with Hands off Operation.

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Delapena delivers honing machines with a stable, safe process that requires little or no operator intervention! Not so long ago honing engineers would hold up their hands to show missing fingers to demonstrate how they mastered their craft. In the modern, legislated world, that’s clearly unacceptable which makes the fact that most honing is still done ‘hands-on’ unbelievable! Delapena has addressed this issue by introducing machines designed with fail-safe, interlocking guarding, to remove hands from the work area. This means that operators are no longer interacting with the spindle directly when in motion and the component is no longer guided …

Precision Ceramics Machining Solved

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In recent years the use of Advanced Ceramics in support of electrical, optical, and magnetic component applications in the aerospace, semiconductor and oil and gas industries has increased significantly. The increased surface hardness properties of the newer grade materials have resulted in a challenge for machining processes. The current process for machining materials like ceramics involves traditional internal grinding process. However, as engineers pushed the boundaries of the applications where Ceramics are used, tolerances achieved through these processes have begun to fall short of expectations. To address harder materials like Ceramics Delapena invested heavily in a new abrasive sintering manufacturing process.  This …

Delapena’s Focus on Honing Application Performance Delivers 85% Improvement

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In recent years Ceramics, Chrome and Carbide have provided a challenge for the Honing process due to the increased surface hardness properties of the newer grade materials. To address these harder materials Delapena invested in a state of the art sintering manufacturing process to develop a new range of super abrasive bonds with great success. Proof positive of this success came when a customer asked us to help trouble shoot their process for honing of hard chrome cylinder liners. The customer was using a Delapena Powerhone to resize the Chrome plating in a cylinder using a conventional Silicon Carbide abrasive. The downside to …

Delapena MACH 2014

Delapena Honing Reports Double Success at MACH 2014

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Specialist honing equipment manufacturer Delapena, has reported that its multiple launches at MACH2014 were highly successful and should lead to significant future business:  According to Delapena, the company had double the number of inquiries compared to the previous show, with over 50 per cent entirely new contacts.  This it asserts is due to the impact of its quadruple launches, including two new honing machines, a new specialist oils business and an abrasives division. Explaining the attraction for visitors to the two Delapena stands, managing director, Martin Elliott enthused, “We had hot interest in the new EAS SpeedHone, thanks to its …

Honing Tool Demand

Record Car Sales Boost Honing Tool Demand

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The positive figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders showing cars sales in 2012 at record levels have also provided a boost to the manufacture and re-manufacture of honing tools at Cheltenham based Delapena Honing Equipment. In what is seen as generally encouraging news for UK vehicle manufacturers 2012 saw all-time records for vehicle exports with over 1.2 million vehicles leaving the UK and total output reaching the highest level since 2008 at 1.58 million units. With popular UK-built vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus leading domestic sales this has had a positive effect …

Delapena Honing New Application Area

Honing Applications Area Enhances Customer Experience at Delapena

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Delapena Honing Equipment has recently completed the development of its new applications and demonstration area within its Cheltenham manufacturing site. The new facility will be a major advantage for customers who can now see Honing Machines in action and, where required, use the area for the prove-out applications prior to the delivery of their machine. Having recently made a major investment in its in-house manufacturing capacity, Cheltenham-based Delapena Honing Equipment is now enhancing the experience that its customers have when visiting the site with the creation of a dedicated demonstration/applications area. The facility will have the dual role of highlighting …