Honing Solutions

    Delapena Honing USA distributes Delapena honing tools, sintered products, honing machines and honing oil. We are a world leader in grinding and honing with expertise in improving surface finish in the bore or on the shaft. With over 85 years experience the Delapena name holds strong in performance and customer service. From manually operated machines to fully automated systems, we are committed to providing honing solutions to meet your specific requirements including a comprehensive range of dedicated tooling, fixtures and components.

    We are happy to assist in finding the correct Delapena product for your honing needs. Contact us for further information and to place an order.

    Delapena Sintered Products

    We provide a complete range of Rottler type replacement stones available in CBN and Diamond to meet all of your honing needs.

    With the capacity to produce over 250,000 high quality sticks per year!

      > Speedhone EAS

    The Delapena SpeedHone EAS Honing Machine is compact with considerable flexibility and capability. Easy to use electronic controls offer semi-automatic as well as manual operation. Tooling changes are quick and easy, making the Delapena SpeedHone EAS ideal for one off and batch production work. Honing from 1mm to 80mm diameter, with a tolerance of one micron, it has a stroke length to suit most applications and, with a wide rotational speed range, from 250-2500rpm, it is an essential honing machine for every tool room.